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About American Preppers
 I strive to provide you quality products and outstanding personal service.  I offer the best in Outdoor Sporting products. 

American Preppers started as a gun show vendor in March of 2013 with the intention of obtaining a Federal Firearms License.  We opened a retail location in Heber, Az August 3, 2013 and encountered many obstacles along our path.  We closed our store Ocober 15, 2015 and focused on gun shows and online sales. Two left the company and I am no longer able to work gun shows due to disabilities.  I'm not looking for sympathy just explaining why I only sell online today.  I have attended gun shows and my fellow vendors tell me customers are asking where to find me.  Some customers actually found me cruising the show on my mobility scooter.  I wish I could be there for you.  I have to settle for providing you product availability through this website.

Thank you for your business and loyalty over the years!